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What is AppEAR?

AppEAR is a citizen science project to learn and contribute with the study of aquatic environments.

With our app you can learn, discover and play while you contribute with science!

All data collected by users are visible through our website, where you can see in real time the status of rivers, streams, lakes and estuaries!

How does it work?

1. Download AppEAR and register

You can use your Android tablet or cellphone.

2. Find a site

Next to a river, stream, lake or estuary, take your device with you!

3. Find your position

With the GPS device, or look it up in a map on the screen


4. Answer the questions

They’re easy, they won’t take long!

5. Take some photos

Up to 4 photos, the more you take the more points you’ll win!


6. Send your results

Directly from your device. No internet in the field? No problem, they will be saved in the device for when you return home.

7. Win points!!!

Contribute to science and be on our user ranking!

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Participate with your school

Students from the same school can gather points for their institution!

If you want to participate with your school, register as “Student / School”, enter your school’s name and all the points you make will contribute to the school’s total!


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